Website Localization

For your website and software localization projects, Linguma expects your translation orders 24/7 with its expert staff!

In a globalized world, the use of the Internet is an inevitable need. Web sites, which are the outward-facing fronts of corporations, are a communication channel where their boundaries cannot be determined since they overtake traditional channels. In order to use this communication channel in the most efficient way, if you determine your target audience in addition to abroad, Linguma translates the static and dynamic content of your website according to the dynamics of the culture of the language. Linguma provides the most effective translations of your Web site in different languages ​​and contributes to your widespread promotion through translation.

The website translation project is beyond translating a text into another language. The localization project is the adaptation of the translated text according to the characteristics of the country / culture in the target language. Our expert translators who act with this consciousness; The website follows the following steps in localization projects.

  • The market dynamics of the country where the source and target language you want to translate to are examined.
  • The details of your product are examined in this dimension and the need for adaptation is determined.
  • The texts to be translated are listed, translated and passed through the quality control process.
  • It is delivered to you for inclusion on your website.

To have a website translation, you can order the entire site content by copying a Word or Excel file with the name of your site. Or if you would like to contact us about your project, we would be pleased to work with you. You  can contact us at .

Desktop / Web / Mobile / Gaming / Social Media Localization

In addition to localizing your website;

  • Desktop Software Products
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web / mobile games
  • The translation of social media content is one of the methods used by companies that want to develop their business internationally to acquire new customers. Translating your written content is one of the most important needs in a globalizing world in the age of communication. In order to eliminate communication problems with customers in foreign markets, we are at your service as Linguma for the translation of your website and other software products. Website localization eliminates language barriers and cultural boundaries in international markets. The fact that your website is multilingual is an indication that you are a global player.

Our website translations are made by our native language translators who are familiar with the local culture and target audience.

And it's worth remembering that you can do all of this online 24/7 from the comfort of your home. Click here to localize your web site and open to overseas markets .

Dynamic Content Management

We serve you with special projects in areas where you need human-oriented translation of your constantly renewed content. We produce projects that are tailored to your needs by fully integrating human-oriented or machine-oriented translations of your ever-changing content in your web / software projects. Please contact us for further information  .